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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PlayerPlug do?

PlayerPlug allows users to access sports social media content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Google News and TikTok while staying within the single PlayerPlug platform.


Why should those in the sports industry use PlayerPlug?

PlayerPlug serves as a viewing point and portal to easily access sports social media content in an expedited, interactive fashion.


What type of consumer is PlayerPlug geared towards?

PlayerPlug is equally as valuable of a social media platform for athletes, media and fans and general fans of the sports industry.


What makes PlayerPlug so different from the countless other sports-based websites and applications?

PlayerPlug is a transformative social media experience, simplifying the sports social media experience for users while not compromising the unpredictability that the industry thrives on.


What’s next for PlayerPlug?

PlayerPlug plans on expanding coverage beyond the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. Along with expanded coverage, PlayerPlug aims to enhance user experience in all aspects of the platform.

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