PlayerPlug Icon Usage & Attribution

All logos and icons seen in the navigation interface of the PlayerPlug website are not officially affiliated with any of the teams or leagues that are seen on PlayerPlug. Aside from the official PlayerPlug logo, icons used on the PlayerPlug website are downloaded and distributed through a premium subscription and license agreement via FlatIcon. More information on PlayerPlug's license to use these icons in this manner can be obtained by contacting us through our Contact Us page.

The individual authors of these logos are listed below, with their names directly linking to their FlatIcon author page. If you see an icon on this site that is improperly attributed, please reach out through our Contact Us form and we will work to resolve the issue.



Pixel Buddha


Vectors Market


Nikita Golubev

Flat Icons

Round Icons

Icon Pond

Alfredo Hernandez

Zlatko Najdenovski

Swift Icons

Pixel Perfect

Creaticca Creative Agency

Those Icons